Tarana is the name behind a voice that transcends all genres. She debuted on the music scene with a Pop album but has since then recorded two spiritual albums.

This new presentation is a symbol of secularism and is aptly named "DHYAN" as it takes you to a realm of divinity.

Tarana is a versatile artiste and has been learning semi classical from her Guru’s Shri. Shyam Narayan Singh, Shri. Pradeep Narayan Singh and Shri.Pratap Narayan Singh, also known as Singh Brothers.

Tarana was nominated as "Best Female Singer" under the Pop category by "The Sahara Sangeet Awards", held at Royal Albert Hall, London in 2003. She is a winner of "Sona Devotional Award 2008" held in Mumbai Tata Theatre.
Her Album "DHYAN" Prayers for All is aptly named since it has 'Sholakas', 'Prayers', 'Mantras', 'Dohas' and 'Bhajans' by Tulsidas, Kabir, Guru Nanak etc. It encompasses various different Gods and is therefore Secular.
"DHYAN" is a complete spiritual experience.
Shri. Anup Jalotaji's melodious rendition has added a whole new dimension and depth to "DHYAN". Tarana has always been able to draw on her Mentor Shri Anup Jalotaji's support and inspiration and will continue to do so in the future