Tarana, along with her Gurujis: Shri Shyam Narayan Singh, Shri Pratap Narayan Singh and Shri Pradip Narayan Singh will be conducting a Music Workshop introducing Indian Classical Music.Tarana has successfully released 4 albums in different Genres which contain songs composed by her Gurujis, The Singh Brothers, who follow the Patiala Gharana style of Indian Classical music. The students would be given lessons on Sargam, Raaga, Taal, Shlokas, Bhajan, Semi classical bandish, Film songs and Voice Modulation Techniques thus imparting a complerte Spiritual, Knowledgeable and fun experience.
These Workshops have been highly successful with previous participants since it focuses on a Holistic approach to music. The workshops have motivated the students as well as increased their level of confidence to sing in front of an audience.
"We are hooked for life, we really look forward to the session each week"
- Quote by the Students in one of the Workshops.

Music Workshop
Venue: Avenue 29, Hughes Road.
Time: Tue & Fri -3pm to 5pm
Date: Between 4th June - 12th July
Duration: 12 Sessions (2 hours each)
Course Fees: Rs. 10,000
M: 9820021121
E: bina0568@gmail.com