Features of Tarana

Tarana is a revolutionary music platform offering a unique blend of social networking, streaming, and freelancing. It is designed to create a comprehensive music ecosystem, providing a seamless experience for users, artists, and enthusiasts alike. This innovative approach sets Tarana apart as a trailblazer in the realm of music platforms, promising a one-of-a-kind musical journey for its community.

Dedicated Social Networking

Tarana offers potent tools for connecting and communicating with artists globally. Experience a dedicated social media platform designed to meet the specific needs of artists.


Tarana facilitates convenient and effective communication between like-minded artists around the world, fostering connections and collaboration.


Tarana streaming stands as a formidable tool for artists to generate income. Tarana removes intermediaries by providing a direct upload option, placing everything under your control.

Share Music

Now that social interaction with friends is different, share status updates of your favorite music with your loved ones. Make music speak more.


Tarana presents a powerful freelancing tool to elevate your music career, enabling you to boost your earnings. effortlessly discover gigs that align with your musical expertise, requiring minimal effort.


In Tarana, collaboration is effortless, breaking geographical barriers and creating dynamic musical partnerships with like-minded artists, amplifying creativity, and igniting a global symphony of collaborative talent.